Yoghurt & Desserts

Our vegan-based yoghurt is made from soy, cashew, flax seeds, oats, pili, plantains, peas, coconut, or almonds containing the same gut-boosting healthy or probiotic bacteria as its dairy counterpart. There are plenty of vegan desserts available with us such as peanut butter cookie bars, almond cookies, raspberry cheesecake, pumpkin cake, custard, caramel, gluten-free apple pie, sugar-free jelly mix, strawberry pudding, soy whipped cream, fudge brownie, and chocolate sauce, among others.

The process of preparing non-dairy yoghurt is interesting.

  • Non-dairy milk made from a legume, grain, nut, or coconut milk is cultured.
  • A suitable thickener is chosen to set the cultured non-dairy milk into delicious yoghurt.

Make our vegan yoghurt a daily part of your diet as it contains all the probiotic bacteria to keep your digestive system healthy. And should you be someone with an allergy to dairy-based products, try our vegan yoghurt. It is very popular among professionals and students.

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