Household and Pets Products

We offer a range of vegan pet products to keep your bundle of fur, healthy, and satiated. The pet treats come in various shapes and sizes, and are worth a bite. The household products available with us comprise candles, dental floss, shampoo, hair oil, cotton buds, compostable waste bags, toothbrushes, facial pads, shopping bags, scourers, compostable bin liners, hand wash, shaving razors, sanitizer, and many such things.

You can buy our top quality organic household and pet food products by simply closing your eyes as we strictly adhere to ethical practices. The pet food products offered by us are gentle to your pets’ system and help you to pamper them in many ways. The vegan dog food available at our store contains ingredients such as whole grains, field peas, cereal, malt, soybean meal, molasses, alfalfa, carrots, green beans, maize gluten, garlic, seaweed meal, natural antioxidants, potatoes, trace minerals, yukka extract, vegetable oils, wheaten mill mix, sunflower meal, iodised salt, and vitamins, among others.

The other vegan-based pet food products include grain-free, yoghurt, organic dog bones, supremium, and snacks, etc. Take home the pet food from our store and let your pets relish them to their heart’s content.